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what about the bed?

Downsizing your stuff

How does one suddenly go from a household to a suitcase? #FirstWorldProblems Well, for us, it began with perspective. One night, we decided that traveling together, pursuing our creative passions, and saving money was more important than a bunch of stuff.

To quote George Carlin, "A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it."

However, that doesn't mean we don't want a pile of stuff with a cover one day. Some quick advice: As Millennials—especially artistic ones—here are a few ways to save money for a down payment:

  • Beg for money from your wealthy parents

  • Live with your parents

  • Don't live in California

  • Don't be a juggler/artist/writer

  • Don't go to college & accrue massive debt

  • Have three jobs

  • Figure out how to save money by traveling

  • Get hit by a car (literally how one of our friends was able to purchase a home)

So where to begin?

Ah, freedom. Being a digital nomad sounds exciting and romantic, yet you're thinking, "But...but my stuff!"

It's simple. Let it go. Do you really need that dresser? Those plates? Twenty pairs of shoes? Rugs? Lamps? Dust collectors and knick knacks? Cow Sku—ok, yeah, need the cow skull—but overall, you really don't need much.

What to do with your stuff without paying a lot of money for a storage unit

  • Stare at your things and imagine a wildfire is raging your way. What would you grab if you had twenty minutes? Ten? Five? (having experienced two wildfires, it's amazing what items suddenly don't matter anymore).

  • Sell the large, nice stuff. The dresser, the table, the sofa, etc. All of these things are replaceable. By the time you've spent hundreds or thousands of dollars over time on a storage unit you could buy all of those things over again.

  • Pack ONE large suitcase, or two small ones, of what you truly love and will need on the road: toiletries, clothes for all weather, electronics, and perhaps a couple of "homey" items. My comfort travel-item is my favorite mug.

  • Perhaps bring a few essentials that would help cut down on food costs like a crockpot or travel spice kit . Also, if you're a vampire like me, you might want portable black-out curtains since many air bnb's are apparently made for obnoxious sunshine-loving humans.

  • Donate the rest of your stuff! Have a yard sale. Take it to charity. Leave it on the street at a "finders spot" (Bay Area thing). Give it away to friends and family, or do as we did and have a Christmas Purge Party: We invited all of our friends to take anything under the tree or with a red bow on it. There was much joy and mayhem and mulled wine.

  • What about the bed? As for irreplaceable or truly loved items that you absolutely will want in the future: perhaps offer a friend or family a fee for keeping your things instead of throwing money at a storage company. Or bury it on a remote island. Y'know, whatever.

  • You did it! You're ready for your new life of adventure 🎉🥂🚗✈️🏝🏔

Oh wait, don't forget a towel!

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