• Kendra Johnston

Fiddles, Beer, & Perferfernerfers... Ferfanuse... Phefefernuse... Spice Cookies!

If you want to find good times, drinks, food, and people then head over to the Bierhaus in Oakland, CA!

They also just opened a second location nearby in Walnut Creek.

Owned by Mike Finley and his dog Stout

The atmosphere

One of my favorite aspects of Bierhaus is its spacious modern look, yet cozy, old European feel. With wooden tables and repurposed crate-stools, a quirky mural and antlers on the wall, I immediately wanted to stay. The staff are very friendly and—as my generation puts it—they know their 'schnitzel!' Even though the place was packed, someone was always apparating in front of my table to ask if I needed anything because, obviously, they were wizards.

the food

I really must say, the food is exceptional! The pretzels are soft-n-twisty and come with savory mustard and cream sauces; the wood-fired chicken melts in your mouth; the schnitzel (a thin, pounded piece of breaded meat) is perfectly fried and paired with a delicious mushroom gravy, and I LOVE the braised, 'clovey,' red cabbage!

beer tasting with Kendra

As a wino I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink it DARK. I ordered a flight of magical sounding beer names: DINKELÄCKER - OKTOBERFESTBIER, KOSTRITZER - SCHWARZBIER, and WELTENBURGER - ASAM BOCK—yeah, don't hurt yourself trying to pronounce them. I don't recall which was which, but I recall that I liked them. 🤗

First beer (the lighter one):

pine nuts, lemons, burnt sugar, and a hint of sith bitterness.

Second beer (slightly darker):

chocolate, tires, ash, and a dash of dark helmet polish.

Third beer (the darkest and my favorite):

toasted coconut, caramel, black cherry, and a bit of dark-side reunion charred bbq.

Along with the good food and booze, It was a fun night of juggling, new friends, and fiddle and guitar with the talented Blah Blah String Band featured in the video below (you can find their music here).

A big THANK YOU to John and Sue for bringing the event and community together!

enough wordy-words.

now for music & juggling!

P.S. Soooo, I joined the Dark Side because they have those delicious ginger spice cookies called...wait, I can do this...



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