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Exercising While Traveling

I hate exercise.

Unless it's something fun and motivating like hiking, rock climbing, virtual reality, or getting chased by a pack of wolves or zombies, I'd much rather sit on my ass watching Netflix. Go to the gym? Forget it. Jog, down the street? You'll have to kill me first and drag my corpse.

That being said, I do like being in shape and being "healthy," I just don't like the effort involved (which is exponential the older I get. Ugh). So how does one, who hates exercise and leaving the house, crawl up that motivational mountain of glass shards especially while on the road?

Well here are some of my life-hacks that hopefully might help you too:

  • Get good sleep! If you can, don't make life harder by being sleep deprived. Get off Netflix!

  • Yoga/Fitness classes on Youtube. Yoga with Tim or Yoga with Adrienne (depending on your style or level) are both great channels to follow. Although, just gonna throw this out there, a sassy/funny/wino type yoga class would be awesome too *cough* Just sayin'....

  • Hire a trainer. I need someone to crack the whip, so I hired Cassie McKenney from Ground Up Fitness. By cutting way down on carbs and sugar, and doing 30 min. of HIIT exercises almost every day, I went from squishy-5-push-up-muscles to harder-20-push-up-muscles! And, after three months of a low sugar diet, one of my sweet-tooths (sweet-teeths?) fell out...but I still have one left.

Just because someone is thin doesn't mean they're "in shape."

Honestly, I fall on and off the Lollipop Ship all the time, but I always get back on!

'Cuz guilt-sharks.

  • Run from zombies! Seriously. There's an app for that. It at least makes jogging a little more fun by making you run screaming down the road into traffic or a telephone pole. Dodging an oncoming car while evading zombies is a terrific work out.

  • Watch Netflix.

Hear me out. It's called the "If-Then" trick. Instead of trying to force new habits you already resist, just modify old ones. IF I'm watching a show or movie THEN I'll do some push ups, sit ups, butt lifts, etc. And it totally works!

Before the Witcher has killed his third monster, I've tricked myself into doing an hour of exercise!

  • Go virtual. I was skeptical at first when my husband said he wanted a $500 VR Oculus Quest headset, but now I've seen the light. Besides being a fun and amazing experience, I sweat like a hippo in a sauna after only twenty minutes of punching, slashing, or shooting the air! Tip: add arm or leg weights. Fun hippo fact: They don't actually sweat but secrete a reddish oil called "blood-sweat" that acts as a natural sunscreen.

My favorite VR work-out games

  • Accept your genetics. "You" are controlled by your genes whether you like it or not. If you want to dive more into free will then take it up with Sam Harris. One small, simplified, example: I have a variant on my DRD2 gene, resulting in less dopamine receptors which is a very important "reward" neurotransmitter (Hence one reason I have anxiety and love wine, chocolate, and coffee—all linked to low Dopamine/GABA). I don't get much of a"high" from things like exercise or even food. To me, exercise is torturous and food is only sustenance. However, I'm not saying use your genetics as an excuse or a crutch, but to better understand and accept yourself.

I hope that helped. If not, then grab a bottle of wine, throw on your favorite show, and just be the magnificent beast that you are!


My 'How To Exercise While Traveling' video

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