About Us

How in blazes does someone make a living at juggling?

Practice, practice, practice, hard work, and of course having fun. After decades of experience Jeremiah created The Throw Zone, has won two medals at the International Juggling Association, and now travels the country performing at fairs and events where people enjoy his extraordinary talent.

Which brings us to...

How in hootenanny does someone make a living at writing?

By marrying a juggler....


...plus hard work and having fun, of course. Kendra wrote her first fantasy novel in 2009 which sparked a passion for the written word.


Over the years, in between 9-5 jobs, she has written a novella, several contest winning short stories, a sci-fi novel (which is off to find an agent) and has freelanced as a writer, book cover artist, and illustrator. Her stories can be found at Elayne Griffith.

Oh yeah, and now she's a blogger. Which brings us to...

...Due to Jeremiah's profession which already provides a lot of paid-for travel, they realized they would SAVE money by merrily embracing a nomadic lifestyle.


So they boxed up the books, the bed, and Harry Potter paraphernalia, re-homed their plants, and hit the road for adventure.


During the summer they travel to fairs all over the mid-west, and by winter they go wherever the doodyhoos they want, whether its visiting friends, family, or new places. 

Discovering unique experiences, interesting places, and wonderful people is what they love to share with the world. If you meet them at a fair or on the road you might just learn how to juggle, be featured in the blog, or at least come away with a smile and new friend.

Thus the journey began and continues...